A Burning Bush

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The 31st day of October in the year of our Lord 2016

If our part is finished, why are we killing thousands of babies per day in America?

Because there is a spirit(s) in America that openly mocks God.  There is a war going on for all that is dear to Him, from individual infants to the nation of America itself – even through the presidential election that is at hand.

The liberty, security and prosperity of this country depends on listening to and heeding the Voice of God, our Father.

This message provides a bush which is burning and yet not being destroyed. While I wish there were more people drawn by this peculiarity, in my “wrestling,” I mustn’t allow the unlimited value of those who were/are in attendance to be robbed by the glaring number of missing Moses’ – please pray for me in this regard. Even as we continue to pray for you, the babies to come and America (with its election).

With the 2016 POTUS election at hand and the active war for all that is dear to God taking place, now is not a time for complacency!

The costly investment of listening to this 75-minute message (“Wrestling or Finished?“) will pay heavenly dividends to those who refuse spiritual complacency, for us all to enjoy in coming days.

Now is the time to forsake our differences and prefrences.  God alone saves.  He alone is worthy of our hope and pursuit.

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