Mount Zion & Movie Update

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Here’s a 2-minute intro, offered by me via streaming audio:  Mount Zion

Part one of the video teaching…

Mt Zion Mantle

Part one & two were offered in the assembly.

We plan to offer part two next week.

MOVIE UPDATE:  After reading Corridors in the Sky, last year a Hollywood-connected screenwriter contacted us regarding making a faith-based movie out of the book.  I shared that with you as it happened (in week two of its release!), advising that it can sometimes be a lengthy process and asking for your prayers. The screenwriter has been doing whatever screenwriters do and told us yesterday that we’ve come to the point of signing a contract for the movie!  Thank you for your prayers & support; please keep praying for this endeavor, and supporting us, as we are in faith that Christ will be glorified, liberating many who see what God has done [so far!] in our lives.  As you heard through last week’s sermon, God Himself has instructed us all to fervently expect victory to the uttermost.  He’s been making outrageous promises (some specified through the “overview of divine guidance” above) and only pride would fail to believe or fail to expect SEEING His faithfulness produce what He has promised.

Expect great things, mighty exploits!  Not because of what you’ve said or done, but because of who God is.  Oh yes, He is still on the move…to bless!
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