Let us keep the Feast!

Excerpt from full post:

It looks like betrayal, in fact it’s a first move;
It looks like desertion, in fact it’s design;
It looks like denial, in fact it’s reboot;
It looks like injustice, in fact it’s his charge;
It looks like a sentence, in fact it’s a word;
It looks like a dying, in fact it’s a birth;
It looks like an ending, in fact it’s a beginning;
It looks like defeat, in fact it’s a win;
It looks like a loss, in fact it’s a save;
It looks like a tomb, in fact it’s a door;
Nothing is quite what it seems!

There is the vision:  The King comes to save the day & reign.
The death of the vision:  The Savior crucified in plain view of everyone!
The only-God-could-have-done-it fulfillment of the vision:  Infallible proof of Jesus’ unfailing love, authority, power & victorious reign.

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