You are getting there!

Robby at Porcupine Falls

“…I noted that sometimes our journey to the indescribable reward God has for us can be very strenuous. Indeed, our knees were literally shaking by the time we made it to Porcupine Falls (depicted above).  Ah, but try as I might, no words could describe the multi-faceted rewards that awaited our completed perseverance.  That waterfall R-O-A-R-E-D with sound and even created a wind for us to enjoy.  And, oh, there’s so much more that we possessed [and are still feeding upon] through the endeavor. So much grace and glory that we hope and pray to feed you too from what we experienced.  It was so nice to be reminded that though our journey with God can be strenuous at times, He more-than-makes-up-for any discomfort we endure along the way.  Believers get to share His glory (Jesus) while persevering along the way and believers get to enjoy and share the reward of the Lord when their perseverance is ‘complete.’  Praise be to God, who gets us there!…”

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