Cheerful Endurance

Excerpt from full post:

cheerful endurance, on rollercoaster

The journey is just as important as when you “get there!”  God is so good that He would have you enjoy getting there too.  The photo above is that of a random family cheerfully enduring the ups and downs of the ride they willingly embarked upon.

This morning, after delivering yesterday’s message, my Facebook “feed” (What is Facebook feeding you?) offered a quote from Graham Cooke…

“Some days you win by standing, not by advancing. Endurance is your victory because overcoming through endurance makes the enemy weary.”

Furthermore, my “Daily Bread” devotional this morning asserted that the hard times we endure are God’s way of preparing us for greater glory ahead.

Cheerful Endurance, 50 minutes.
Robert Totman on Facebook
Corridors in the Sky on Facebook

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