God says of North Korea

Excerpt from full post:

Graphic, Corridors in the Sky

 “Church in America, your finger is on the button!”

Jesus said everyone will be salted with fire, in Mark 9:49-50, and this passage goes on to declare that if the salt has lost its saltiness it is completely useless.

Has the salt in America lost its saltiness, the potency to turn disaster away?  If what happened in Houston has answered that or not, the coming season will make it abundantly clear.

With talk of Jihad, 9/11, TWA800, Hurricane Irma, North Korea and more, the Word of the Lord from this weekend is loaded with grace and glory from God…for you!

12 minutes of excerpts from the Word

Here’s a post from our blog last month, immediately before all this recent talk from Jesus of being salted with fire:

North Korea attacks


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