Walk AND chew gum

Job 12:2,  “No doubt you are the people, and wisdom will die with you.”

The wisdom from above is impartial, the fruit of being right before God begins with confident quietness and real love doesn’t have to have its own way.

The verse from Job above are his words of frustration with the know-it-alls that God later reprimanded.

With so many destructive intensities unfolding, now is the time for the Body of Christ to rise up and shine, united and moving forward against evil in love.  Can’t the Body walk and chew gum at the same time?!  From a very brief skimming-over of social media, apparently not.  “I’m right! You are wrong!”

The right foot moves forward while the left foot rests – same Body working together as each member does its part.  It’s called…get this…“walking.” Otherwise, we have what is being displayed to the lost world today:  The Body of Christ is a hopping bunny rabbit?  No wonder it fits into the world’s sight of Easter so well.

Both feet want to move forward together, arms & elbows flailing, without any regard or cooperation with the other members of the Body whatsoever.

The right knee curses the left knee, “under its Anointing.”  They holler at one another, “God judges the unrepentant!  He scourges all those He loves – you’re an idiot and all people should avoid you!”  Meanwhile, not listening because the other knee is quite convinced that it too is a mouth, “The Cross has satisfied God’s wrath for all time!  It’s His loving kindness that brings sinners to salvation – you’re an idiot that all people should avoid!”  The world’s response?  “Those people are all lunatics.”

Geez, if we could get those two “legs” working together, discharging their respective God-given energies without back-biting, we’d have true revival “on our hands.”

The wisdom that has its foundation in fearing God delights to admit that it doesn’t know its left from its right, no matter how many times it’s been through any given drill, “I could speak up or I can be quiet.  I could exert energies to move forward or I could wait right here and enjoy You instead.  Be my Lord, while I delight to follow You in this moment (movement).”

The King of Right set such a fine example of being quiet through injustice, entrusting Himself to Him who judges justly, that all believers everywhere are instructed to follow His example.  It doesn’t say in that Biblical passage, “Unless you really think you are right, then, by all means, give’em a ration of what you think is right!”  No, that’s the chaos-bringing spirit of strife and there you will find every kind of evil.  Look around, America.

Love doesn’t insist on its own way…get this, Christian, even to its own death.  In fact, when Christians demonstrate this self-sacrificing love of God the world will see less of wild and erratic spams and more of the Spirit of Jesus alive and well in the earth – doing His wonders.

Is it too hard to believe that God still winnows (a violent process) so that people can better appreciate the things that really matter?  Can’t one follower of Christ minister “This is God’s wrath which comes to the children of disobedience” while another follower of Christ shares, “The Lamb of God has taken away the sins of the world; we can forever escape the wrath of God through Jesus!”  Apparently, God is being unreasonable to ask His Body to walk and chew gum at the same time.  The right foot thinks it can kick the left foot into submission [to the point of view God gave it] without any regard for the left foot’s “command from God.”

Galatians 5:15,  “…if you keep attacking each other like wild animals, you had better watch out or you will destroy yourselves.”

It would be nice to see people subduing themselves, before God, ahead of presuming to make spirits, storms and nations submit to the Spirit about which they boast.  God’s got work to do and it starts, every day, in the mirror that is before your face and mine – this restores the salt to its saltiness, each grain making a difference in God’s heart. Job was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil. He lost nearly all that he had. But he never lost the approval of his God…and that proved to be more than enough.

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