Your heart or your life (message banned from Facebook)

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“Your heart or your life, God’s setting somethin’ ablaze!”

Burning Bush 

When Jesus said, “Everyone will be salted with fire…” (Mark 9:49), He meant those you’ve found fault with will be salted with fire, He meant YOU will be salted with fire, “the left” will be salted with fire, “the right” will be salted with fire, racists will be salted with fire, Donald Trump will be salted with fire, Antifa will be salted with fire, the greater Houston area, Texas, America, Vladimir Putin, North Korea and the Taliban will all be salted with fire.  Getting the point?  When He said everyone, He meant…EVERYONE!
Here’s a 4-minute excerpt as we’re walking out
the third week of what God has recently Breathed upon us.

God’s fire is designed to burn away the worthless things from your heart and life that you have been clinging to (unbelief, doubt, self-pity, worry, higher affections than Jesus, etc.).  He desires to bring you to a place where not only your heart but all of your circumstances have such value to God that the whole of your being is upheld by His pleasure through no effort of your own – as a star in the night sky among this dark and perverse generation (Phi. 2:12-16).  Your life can make a huge difference! Imagine, one star (the sun) warms this whole planet.
Don’t worry, it’s safe to give up all for/to Jesus.  If you surrender something He intends for you to have, He will receive what you have intimately offered (in worship to Him), place His glory upon it and return it to you safe and sound; again, as something that He takes pleasure in preserving and displaying, for His glory, through no effort of your own.
Anything that you are not willing to sacrifice for the purpose of “making Christ greater” is an idol.  Obviously, He is already infinitely greater than everything; everything else is worthless compared to Him!  Therefore, this is about keeping Him first, by far, in your heart and life.  And, “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs” (Jonah 2:8, from “the belly of a whale”).  Jonah came to His senses amidst the most intense of suffering.  America is a type of Jonah and it’s time for her to admit (let in anew) the fiery Truth of God, Jesus Christ.
Don’t forsake the priceless grace that can be yours today.

Don’t Resist Jesus!

Excerpt from full post:

Last week’s publication promised, “EVERYONE will be salted with fire…” (Mark 9:49, caps mine for emphasis).

Since then, we have been enjoying God’s all consuming love.  And we gladly share the Promise with you here, too:  A fiery 3-minute excerpt from Sunday (via Susan Totman).

We didn’t plan it this way, but Susan served on the heels of Salted with Fire and Rising Wonder Women (the latter was published in Australia the day she ministered but she hadn’t read it).

Full message through Minister Susan,
Don’t Resist Jesus,” 71 minutes.


While, as missionaries, our ministry (Bethesda) has never had a concerted fundraiser, we THRILL to help other ministries in this way.  Why “THRILL”?

When sent to The Church of Jacksonville, God used me to open up over $120,000 in less than 5 minutes for their children’s ministry.  When sent to Triumph Christian Center, I said, “The God of glory thunders, right now!” and as the words “right now!” crossed my lips the entire building shook under the clap of Body penetrating thunder as an apparent lightning strike coincided with my words directly overhead; the Church went from deep in the red that day, financially, to having more than enough.

Yes, we THRILL to help other ministries raise money – following Jesus.  Come be a part of another move of God on October 5th in Duluth, MN, at the Adult & Teen Challenge there.

They have created a 30-second TV commercial for my upcoming speaking engagement, a heaven-sent fundraiser:

Thank you, again and again and again, for helping us!  We don’t take your support for granted but understand that it is the gift of God so that together we are sowing faith, hope and love in His Presence. May every ‘wild’ place – in your life, my life and planetwide – be cultivated by God, turned into and Eden of fellowship with Him.

North Korea attacks

Yesterday morning I saw a North Korean-launched missile. In that dream, I stood on a shore and watched massive waves come in as a result of this launch. The waves lifted and moved homes and apartment-building sized structures.

Later in the day I learned through the news that N. Korea can now deliver a weapon of mass destruction via an ICBM…that certainly caught my attention in light of the dream. A few minutes ago, there was breaking news that N. Korea has officially threatened to drop missiles 30 – 40 kilometers off the coast of Guam.

(Posted 8-9-2017…praying!…)