Happy 2022 to you!

A Christmas 2021 report via pictures and captions, from our 501c3 (Bethesda Ministries), click here

Literally thousands of dollars in charity were distributed where it counts in December 2021 … and each month throughout the year.

On 12/31/2020, I published Isaiah 33 as ‘the Word of the Lord’ regarding 2021.  I don’t regret it and believe parts of the chapter were specifically made plain to the whole world this year. 

John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (or, “…has not understood it”).

Today I humbly declare Psalm 37 as ‘the Word of the Lord’ regarding 2022.  You can expect to see specific parts of the chapter made very plain to the whole world in coming weeks and months.  You should definitely dive into the chapter, expecting the Almighty to meet you there, hold your hand and walk you through its glorious benefits in 2022!!!

Happy New Year!

thru Jesus’ Glorifying-His-Word Name,
Robert & Susan Totman, Bethesda Ministries.

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