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LIVING THE HIGH LIFE as an FAA Air Traffic Controller, Robert S. Totman had the unimpeded ability to see and direct, with razor-sharp clarity, the complex flow of air traffic through the congested corridors of New York Center’s airspace. On a sunny morning in September, Robert watched a hijacked plane disappear from the radarscope, triggering a series of events that would crumble his personal and professional life along with the Twin Towers.

As Robert confronted the harsh consequences of his life choices, he discovered revelations that opened him to healing, new life, and glorious new corridors in the sky that are sure to inspire you through this autobiography.

Editorial Reviews

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“This autobiography is an insider’s account of one of the most grievous tragedies in history: 9/11.  In clear and beautiful prose, the author lays bare the secrets of his life and allows readers to find answers to the many questions they fear to ask.  This story will come across to most readers as an eye-opener, a startling revelation, and an irresistible inspiration.”  Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

“To say that this autobiography is stirring is an understatement. There is a frankness to his prose that lays bare the author’s soul and it’s hard to ignore. One thing is undeniable, Robert’s story will undoubtedly move you as it did me.”  Marta Tandori, Readers’ Favorite

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Formerly an air traffic controller, author Robert S. Totman and his wife Susan are missionaries with four children. They are gifted speakers who consider invitations to anywhere, pioneers who have planted a community church in North Dakota, and founders of Bethesda Global Ministries.

Visit Robert S. Totman at to invite him and/or Susan to come and speak at your event or to learn more.

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