Newsletter, June 2019

Dear friends,

We’ve not stopped praying that God would pour out His blessing upon your steps, trusting His good will to perpetually fill the earth with His fiery love.

Immediately after I wrote you last (June 3rd), I went into prayer for a while in my bedroom, kneeling at my bedside. While I was there, I had a sort of a giggly experience. I sensed and uttered, “You alone are my Righteousness.” It felt so good to admit before God that there is NOTHING right about me…except Him. He’s the only right thing I have. So, anyway, there I was on my knees, praying and feeling really good about having such strong, undeniable, immovable, unshakable, unchanging Righteousness – Jesus, my Savior. Between me and Him, it was nice. Comforting to not have to try to be right before Him…just simply accept the Gift, that’s all. We know we did by the sense of relief that testifies within, when you/I accept the gift of completion that’s being worked into and out of us (Heb. 10:14).

So, after prayer I got up and walked into the living room. Instantly, I was AMAZED to see a hawk carrying a fish, flying straight at me! We have a large window in the living room that overlooks a lake and some mountains. It looked like the load-bearing hawk was going to fly straight into my window! I grabbed for my camera, thinking, “I’ve GOT to capture this!” Alas, I am too old and clumsy. By the time I got the camera, the hawk had slightly by-passed flying smack into the big window and he flew to the side of my home. As I watched him, he dropped the fish. Then I watched him fly away, thinking he’d surely circle back for it. But he did not. So I dashed outside and…check the picture!  It was still alive, fresh and healthy.

true testimony! June 3, 2109Me on front porch w/rainbow trout, mountain-lake behind

Are you kidding me!? There were people out there fishing all day long. I spent 20 minutes on my knees and our Lord ‘sent’ me a fresh mountain-lake rainbow trout! Susan checked its mouth for a gold coin…then cleaned it for eating.  🙂

Imagine all the benefits which come of just accepting that we are broken, hopelessly, and then simply accepting His Mercy in Christ. It makes Him so happy when we accept the Gift that cost Him so much to offer.

I thought, “Your Righteousness is a wonder, carried on angels’ wings to us (1 Peter 1:12) just like that yummy, fresh rainbow trout.  We just have to reach out and take it by faith, that’s all.” Then I thought, “Maybe God is miraculously bringing forth a saved-soul right now, like a ‘fish’ snatched out of a sea of sin?” Finally, I won’t lie, I thought, “This could represent a divine harvest coming to our very own front door.”

Now, look! I had just shared “mi-manna” (my Bread from Heaven) with you in my June 3rd letter, the vision which depicted our steps filled with God’s fiery love (blessings) and that God desires to fill all of His children’s lives with this same fiery love to such a degree that any and every opposition to their restoration is merely like dry stubble (fuel for His children’s progress, Obadiah 1:18).

No matter what we are asking of God, or offering to God, it can’t compare to the free gift of Righteousness we have through faith in Jesus Christ.  And our Lord insists that if we accept said Gift, abiding in it, everything else is pretty much a shoo-in (Romans 8:32). I was so edified by this ‘flying’ rainbow trout 😊 !

So, I plan to detail with you the blessings I saw poured into our steps in June. And I ask you to accept that allowing God to order your steps is not only pleasing to Him, but brings you to a place in which your steps are filled with God’s Wondrous Blessings, massively overpowering your enemies (i.e., unbelief, resentment, lust, self-centeredness and/or ‘wild’ circumstances in your life and/or spirits who are hostile toward you, etc., etc.).

Psa 37:23  The steps of a good man are ordered by Jehovah; and He delights in his way.  (MKJV)

Oba 1:18  The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau stubble; they shall burn them and consume them, and there shall be no survivor for the house of Esau, for the LORD has spoken.  (ESV)

I like to imagine the Light of His love running off all darkness while we, His dearly loved children, joyfully gather the plunder (souls-saved & resources for Kingdom expansion).

Behold! our fiery love from God,
molten bronze splashed around in abundance (6/3/19 vision)!

  • A Colorado family of six was saved from divorce. The husband said he was finished with his wife. She contacted us, asking for our prayers. Within very short order the resentment or grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side, or whatever the root of division was, had been consumed by God’s fiery love for that family. The husband repented and the marriage/family is being nurtured in the Lord today (please keep praying for us/them).
  • Someone contacted us last week stating they had a dream on Father’s Day which infused them with sharp conviction regarding our family and their giving. They said, beginning immediately and from now on, they would be sending monthly financial support to us specifically for our family (not ministry) use. And then they did! The next day a verse leapt out at me as pertaining to this on-going gift, “…His favor lasts a lifetime” (Psalm 30) and also a bit from my June 3rd letter/vision, “Bronze represents stability, strength and permanency.” I saw that this person’s action had opened wide new measures of God’s grace into their future. Please join us in faith that God’s fiery love shall fill their ordered steps, consuming their every foe.
  • Our oldest child, Beth (21), is settled into Grand Junction now, establishing sufficient time as a Colorado resident to obtain in-state tuition rates when she begins college soon. This month, we got to go visit her…and it was wonderful. This year is the first time we’ve not all lived under the same roof so our time together in June was especially sweet and fulfilling, marked by God’s zealous love for our unity.
  • Bethesda sent 45 orphans in India into a new school year this June…and 5 more into college! Together, we also sent crucial aid to our orphans in Kenya plus needed support to our missionary pastor in Uganda and reviving love to the 5 Christian brothers we cherish in maximum security prison. Your offerings also reach people near to us, here in Colorado, and work to uphold the church in Michigan City, ND, too. Is this “our” ministry? “Your” ministry? Or Jesus’ Ministry? The answer is, “Yes!”

School supplies (1)

  • Following Jesus, Susan and I began celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in June! Our actual anniversary is July 4th but there’s been an undeniable surrounding of our hearts and attitudes as the date approaches. We believe we’re sensing God’s pleasure and we are soaking it/Him up, choosing to yield to the ‘party’ He would throw for us.
  • I obtained an appointment to see a top-of-the-line MS Specialist in Denver (in August). BTW, we are in faith for full physical restoration regarding these symptoms which have been attacking me for nearly three years. No words can relay how the beauty of the LORD is vividly shining through our new geographic location, ministering hope & healing to me/us. Susan and I, both, have been frequently captivated by the God-given beauty that now surrounds us. Meditating on this astonishing beauty has helped us accept [more deeply] God’s intimate love for each of us…as we recognize He chose this exact location for us (Acts 17:26), on purpose. Astonishing, wondrous, majestic, surprising & comforting are all words that fail to adequately describe the healing-view(s) that the fiery love of our God has provided for our enjoyment.
  • Our seeking of God to repair local “walls” of the Church (Neh. 2) has continued discreetly. We’re not showing up at local churches asserting, “You need to listen to me/us!” Jesus said to take the least-est seat, if you will, when you attend His gatherings (Luke 14:10-11). I very much appreciate the rest He is giving me in this season…and I look forward to “standing before the assembly” as He orchestrates it.

Finally, a Hollywood update! Actually, we’ve heard nothing yet “in the natural” regarding our screenwriter’s trip to Tinseltown in June to meet with motion picture producers about making Corridors in the Sky a movie.  This ties nicely into my missionary-letter conclusion…

We’ve been getting a very strong leading from Jesus throughout June:  He’s fighting for you!  The pay-backs theme of Obadiah has been echoing through God’s Word all month long. Wherever I’ve turned in His Word, I see God as a Mighty Warrior fighting for His children, Providence providing divine turn-arounds to the celebration of His children and Advocacy, Advocacy, Advocacy prevailing! Listen, turning the book I wrote into a movie was not my idea! If He wants a movie out of “me,” He better be fighting for it. Amen?! And there are a great many things in the lives of His children that are literally “beyond our purview;” we all do well to discern those things and allow Him to handle it. In our house, we’re trusting God to finish what He started when He had the screenwriter contact us out of the blue. He’s Lord of Hollywood too, despite appearances.

I’ll close by reminding you that we are praying for you every day…and with a demonstration of His Advocacy for Corridors in the Sky in June:  I maintain a Corridors in the Sky Facebook page where anyone can buy the book. However, Facebook kept making it difficult for me, repeatedly probing for more and more personal information. After supplying them and supplying them, eventually I thought, “No more. I’m done with their ‘help’!” I began making the necessary clicks to completely delete my Corridors in the Sky Facebook page when, all of the sudden, a book-review appeared for the very page I was actively deleting. The book-review was published to an audience of about 4 million people! The sequence of events inspired me to repentance; the Corridors in the Sky Facebook page is intact today, serving God’s pleasure (because He’s fighting for it).



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