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Robert S. Totman, keynote

Oh yes, this too is the Day of our Lord!  We trust you are partnering with God to bring all things into submission to His Christ, our Messiah.

God is not greedy or stingy, looking to withhold what is good from you!  However, in holy jealousy He requires your devotion to the uttermost; this is what’s best for you and is an open chute from heaven over your life in Jesus (God’s grace), creating your Canaan on earth as it is in heaven.  Most of us understand Canaan to represent your “Promised Land” and we pray this message will help get you there…today.

God’s Word says that there is a battle within each believer which seeks to keep them out of their Promised Land (Judges 3:1-2, James 4:1-10, 1 Peter 2:11).  This message helps the listener to understand red flags of defeat and how to wave your Banner of Victory, producing the Promise through intimacy with God.
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A Double Portion

The last publication I sent you was on October 9th, right after the honor of serving as keynote speaker at the Teen Challenge Gala in Duluth, Minnesota.  As previously disclosed, the event was heavenly…on earth!  Praise Jesus.  However, Susan and I – both – experienced an excruciating sense of something very heavy “of God” left undone upon our return to North Dakota.  Turns out that we were sharing in Jesus’ suffering; what we humans call…patience.

After a few days of languishing, circumstances “called” us back to Duluth.  Having followed Love, a curious series of events then provided a phone call from the Senior Pastor of Great Lakes Church, Pastor John Halvorsen.  He invited me to preach for his Sunday service!  Here is a link to photos of our second visit (after clicking on any individual picture through this link, you can click on the little “i” for commentary that explains the aforementioned circumstances).  We are very glad to deliver to you what was first given to us, a double portion!

First Message:
Embrace the Flames (streaming audio), October 15th

at Great Lakes Church
(Pastor John speaks for the first and last
4 minutes of the 67-minute audio file.)

The Presence of the LORD is very pronounced within Great Lakes Church!

The Apostle Paul said to the Church, “…you welcomed me as if I were an angel of God…” (Gal. 4:14); likewise, this assembly received us as heaven-sent, honoring our King.  Pastor John even voiced interest in recommending us to other assemblies.  This harmonizes with what we believe God spoke to us before the October 5th Gala.  Could it be the “heavy of God” thing we sensed that needed to be accomplished?

We believe so, but the anguish we felt before has changed to a blissful rest.  After leaving Duluth a second time we heard God saying, “Wait, Daughter of Zion, for Your Kinsman-Redeemer will not rest until this matter has been settled.”  Now the burden of our long-suffering (patience) has become easy, “Thank You, Jesus!”

Hand back to the plow in North Dakota, not looking back but up – our Help comes from the LORD!

Sunday’s message, October 22nd, relays some heavy-duty, heavenly business too.  I just can’t even begin to relay it here…except to say that without a radical revival your whole world is about to be turned upside down.  God has sent His flame; you might as well embrace the fire.

Your Double Portion, the Second Message:
Deeper Still, 48 minutes

This has been an excerpt from the full post.
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Teen Challenge and “His Majesty’s Air Force”

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Oh, what a great feast of ingathering that was initiated in Duluth, MN, on October 5th at their Adult & Teen Challenge!  Thank you for helping to send us, thereby participating in our divine call and storing up rewards for yourself in the Presence of God.

The following is a 67-second video, sharing the first dream I had that wasn’t a nightmare after working as an air traffic controller in New York on 9/11:

Listen to the entire 48-minute message delivered on
October 5, 2017, via streaming audio by clicking here.

Speaking at MnTC, Robert S. Totman

The auditorium was quite full, from front to back, glorifying God.  I had prayed that He would “arrest” the audience with His Words and I believe the pictures through the following link indicate that God answered my prayers:  To see more photos and videos, click this link.  Special thanks to the profressional photographer, “Kevin,” for these wonderful memories, forever documented.

As usual, I sought the Lord for a debrief regarding this speaking opportunity.  God was faithful to share His point of view with me, although what He shared was not expected and brought an increased sense of responsibility regarding the function and coming of His glorious Kingdom.  What He revealed became the name’s sake of Sunday’s (Oct. 8th) message; we are certainly expecting great things from God as we step into our recently published “New Beginnings!”

Thank you, again and again and again, for helping us!  We don’t take your support for granted but understand that it is the gift of God so that 
together we are heavenly lights which shine in a dark and depraved generation (Phi. 2:12-16, NIV), each doing its own part to bring Redemption, Christ, to those who will receive His help.

Through Jesus’ Name,
Robert & Susan Totman


Your New Beginning!

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blank pages

We’ve passed through an intense season of repentance.  This hasn’t been “for nothing!”  Trusting in the atoning work of Christ, as evidenced via repentance (proving your faith geniune), opens you to receive the rewards of Jesus’ suffering.  This begins with you being declared innocent by God.  The photo above of the blank pages is a reflection of the sins recorded against those who live lives of repentance in response to the grace obtained in Jesus Christ.

With your slate wiped clean, it is fit and ready for the hand (power) of God to begin making you a love letter to the earth!

Your New Beginning, 3-minutes of excerpts
Your New Beginning, 53-minute message

(I described a woman with the back of her hand on her forehead at 49 minutes;
the image should be that of someone “lovesick” for Jesus.)

Thank you for your prayers and support, so that we can, together, take the message of New Beginnings to people who have been devestated.

October 5th in Duluth, MN, at the Adult & Teen Challenge.

They have created a 30-second TV commercial for my upcoming speaking engagement, a God-glorifying celebration of freedom from addiction:
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