Your New Beginning!

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blank pages

We’ve passed through an intense season of repentance.  This hasn’t been “for nothing!”  Trusting in the atoning work of Christ, as evidenced via repentance (proving your faith geniune), opens you to receive the rewards of Jesus’ suffering.  This begins with you being declared innocent by God.  The photo above of the blank pages is a reflection of the sins recorded against those who live lives of repentance in response to the grace obtained in Jesus Christ.

With your slate wiped clean, it is fit and ready for the hand (power) of God to begin making you a love letter to the earth!

Your New Beginning, 3-minutes of excerpts
Your New Beginning, 53-minute message

(I described a woman with the back of her hand on her forehead at 49 minutes;
the image should be that of someone “lovesick” for Jesus.)

Thank you for your prayers and support, so that we can, together, take the message of New Beginnings to people who have been devestated.

October 5th in Duluth, MN, at the Adult & Teen Challenge.

They have created a 30-second TV commercial for my upcoming speaking engagement, a God-glorifying celebration of freedom from addiction:
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Corridors in the Sky on Facebook

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