Days of Noah, Awe & Repentance

From full post:

30 second video

(September 2017 earthquake in Mexico with both banks of
the river heaving and trees swaying at their trunks.)

We truly are in the days of Noah, awe & repentance.

I pray, however, this Word will be in stark contrast to what is traditionally taught regarding the days of Noah, “Oh, Jesus is about to appear to end it all.”

No. No. No.

Instead, join us in faith that Jesus is already here, now, to put an end to everything that is unholy in your life and ours, thereby liberating the earth from its bondage to decay.

It’s true:  Jesus is flooding the earth, now, with His Living Waters to “destroy all flesh” (old-nature hindrances to His praise).


Through the turmoil, we plan to keep placing
God’s business ahead of our own:

While, as missionaries, our ministry (Bethesda) has never had a concerted fundraiser, we THRILL to help other ministries in this way.  Why “THRILL”?

When sent to The Church of Jacksonville (in Florida), God used me to open up over $120,000 in less than 5 minutes for their children’s ministry.  When sent to Triumph Christian Center (in Houston, Texas), I said, “The God of glory thunders, right now!” and as the words “right now!” crossed my lips the entire building shook under the clap of Body penetrating thunder as an apparent lightning strike coincided with my words directly overhead; the Church went from deep in the red that day, financially, to having more than enough.

Yes, we THRILL to help other ministries raise money – following Jesus.  Come be a part of another move of God on October 5th in Duluth, MN, at the Adult & Teen Challenge there.

They have created a 30-second TV commercial for my upcoming speaking engagement, a heaven-sent fundraiser.  May Christ be glorified through the liberation and enrichment of His dearly loved creation!


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