Merry Christmas!

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Two Christmas testimonies, shared to glorify God through your enrichment:

1.  God put it on our hearts to send a certain family money in the mail.  We did. Days went by and we did not hear from the family.  I sent a text.  But look how this unfolded.  The family reports that they were gathered around the dinner table with their bills laid out before them, wondering what on earth they were going to do because they did not have the resources needed to get by.  An unexpected expense had presented itself, leaving them incapable of caring for themselves.  As they discussed the problem, resolving that there was no way out of the dilemma, my text chimed in, ‘Check the mail lately?  Kisses to you – Merry Christmas.’  They sent their 5-year old out to check the mail and he brought back the card we sent which included the money they needed.  They said that everyone sat dumbfounded, in awesome wonder at God, and that they continue to give Him praise for the love He showed them.  Imagine, the help was on the way to them before the unexpected expense presented itself, before they even knew they had a God-sized need.

Isaiah 65:24, ‘Before they call I will answer;
while they are yet speaking, I will hear’ …”



(I’m sorry to report that the “here, through Bethesda” link within the full post is broken…but glad to share that there is a “Sow now!” button lower on the same page.)
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