1st ever GoFundMe (UPDATE, fully funded July 2021, PTL)

In North Dakota, we gather to worship Jesus even when the high temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees below zero…UNLESS there’s no heat in the Church building!

Please donate toward replacing the heat which expired during the 2020 – 2021 winter season.

You may give here, direct, via: https://paypal.me/giveBethesda

Or via the GoFundMe page we’ve created:

Click image / link to donate, https://gofund.me/c060f612

Without the Light of the world (Jesus Christ) shining at EVERY opportunity, the darkness you’ve been witnessing will continue to grow worse. Thank you in advance for helping our righteous cause.

All donations are tax-deductible!

UPDATE, July 2021: Praise be to God, who provides everything necessary to fulfill His will! The furnance replacement project is fully funded and underway, the Gospel of Jesus FREE to continue being propagated at the Church in Michigan, ND!

Visit us and/or email us online at:
(order your book here!)

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