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I realize that not everyone on the planet is meant to profit through the things I share here. However, there are a significant number of people who will benefit tremendously through the Corridors in the Sky that have been opened to me. If you are one of those people, what I share will frequently echo in your heart as the exact truth you need…at just the right time. Relevant. Liberating. Encouraging faith to help get you “Home” safe and sound.

A little background about these opened corridors:

I was working as an air traffic controller in NY on 9/11. Immediately thereafter, I began having lucid nightmares several times per week. After being plagued by death, day and night for two years, I gave up – planning my own suicide. It seemed logical to make peace with God before taking myself out. Among other things, I told Him that I didn’t really want to die but that it would be best for my wife and children to live without me because they were being hurt by my very disturbed presence.

In short order, the vivid dreams changed like the flip of a coin. I began seeing heavenly things, future events, secrets about other people and courses of action to help them have well-being instead of disaster, and so on. These revelations proved so solid that our family abandoned everything to abide within them and haven’t wanted for anything ever since.

My life has forever been changed for the better, to the profit of my family and many others. This glorifies God.

You can hear many more details, from the terrors of my 9/11 to authentic miracles from heaven, through my new book, Corridors in the Sky, Revelations of a New York 9/11 Air Traffic Controller(click on the hyperlink for a paperback or e-version).

The book, paperback

Paperback ISBN, 978-0-9979528-1-0
e-version ISBN, 978-0-997528-0-3
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