Meant to be easy

I had a dream that relayed God is asking a very small price, “trust/rest” in Him.  The price was so small that one would be considered truly rebellious, or a lunatic, not to pay it.  We choose to pay God honor by believing Him.  Actually, in the dream, it was 15 cents.  Biblically, 15 represents “rest.”  Could you imagine refusing to pay 15 cents for what God has promised you?!

The more intimately we know His Nature and Character (the more we have seen of Jesus with the eyes of our hearts) the easier it is to trust/rest in Him.  He’s in the revealing business.  The Holy Spirit delights to reveal & point to Jesus because, among other things, it benefits His creation.  In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus said His yoke (control/government – love!) is easy.

I’m not saying it’s always easy to trust God.  In fact, I’m all too familiar with refusing to pay the tiny price of believing.  But choosing to trust Him through our challenges is one way that intimacy with God is cultivated; to trust Him through the difficulty and then see His response(s) in tangible ways is an exhilarating thing.  The give and take becomes what we live for, our relationship with God!

Resting in God, we discover more of…Him.  More of His love for us and more of His ability to show up in our lives and the lives of those around us.  This process empowers us to trust Him more and rest in Him through greater challenges, all the while Christ is being revealed (showing up).
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